Crumpets Pancakes

Inspired Simplicity

“We never get tired of improving. We just love baking the great classics the way our customers tell us they love to eat them...

…light and crisp - fluffy in the middle - and great for any topping!”

Versatile Products – a season, a taste, a topping to suit everyone

We want to offer you the ideal bakery range no matter the season or occasion. Just leaving your customer to decide on the perfect sweet or savoury partner.

Our products are versatile and tasty. Our range, including classic and buttermilk crumpets, pancakes and whole meal crumpets, offers a quality toasted or baked snack to be enjoyed at any time of the day or evening.

Improving the Great Classics

We make secret little tweaks to the recipes to enliven the flavours and natural goodness of our products.

Our bakery is dedicated to bringing flavour and inspiration back to the classics. Whether it’s the consistency of our crumpets, carefully checking the number and density of holes to draw in the sweet or savoury fillings, or, the way we bake our pancakes for not a second more than needed to toast to perfection.


Our bakery is set in the natural and beautiful countryside of Cumbria. We source products locally whenever possible and our products are watched every step of the way by our dedicated bakery team. Our products draw on this provenance using natural ingredients and traditional recipes, just like home made.

Serious About Health and Sustainability

When healthy eating standards asked for less salt – we started all over again - to make healthier products more perfect for our customers.

Lakeland Bake bakery is BRC Grade A accredited, the highest level industry standard.