Crumpets Pancakes

We say “always eat crumpets, pancakes and yet more crumpets!

It’s very tempting to make that our daily call to you! But the team here at Lakeland Bake understand it’s really important to eat lots of nutritious food to keep you healthy. We’ve done everything possible to bake our products as healthy as they can be, with less salt - in fact our crumpets are amongst the lowest salt content on the shelves.

We’re very proud of our low salt achievement.

In our recipes section you’ll find loads of ideas on how to make crumpets and pancakes a tasty base for one of your five a day. And the topping doesn’t always need to be buttery and sweet! Many of our customers love to eat crumpets with savoury toppings like marmite, cheese, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.
Just the Nutritional Facts